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More Air: Mistral Air creates an air cushion between mattress and net that allows a longer mattress life. It avoids the friction between the metal parts of the net and the mattress, making the support surface between mattress and net full and homogeneous.
More Hygiene: Mistral Air in contact with mattresses in cans, polyurethane or injected foam in general, prevents the formation of molds, bacteria and mites that find a medium of culture in the parts exposed to stagnation of humidity.
More Health: Mistral Air is applied between the mattress and the net and is suitable for metal, wooden and other types of mattress support. Mistral Air activates a healthy air recirculation that significantly improves the quality of "Sleeping Healthy". The cover Mistral Air is available in two thicknesses: 0.7 cm and 1.5 cm.

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Thickness Base Cover Mistral
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Coprirete Mistral
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